Metal Building Frame Options
Depending on the Building use,below are some frame types that will help you determine the style of building that bests suits your needs. For more complex projects we do have additional options.The roof Pitch(steepness) of all buildings is variable.Ranging from 1:12 pitch to 4:12 pitch.Higher pitch is available on Request.

ranch open sides

clear span rigid frame

Gabled Symmetrical Clear span Rigid Frame

Unobstructed internal space,width starting from 30ft – 100 ft and over Height starting from 10ft – 30ft and over. Best for Barns, truck shops, Garages.

rigid frame center posts

Symmetrical Rigid frame with center Posts
Multiple bays with center posts add strength to the building and also cuts down on costs Width starting from 50ft all up to 200 plus ft Best used in large commercial warehouses and superstores

gabled rigid frame

Gabled Unsymmetrical Rigid Frame
Best utilized where there is limited space Width up to 100 plus ft Used in all applications

single Slope

Single Slope
Best used where there is limited space. Can be used as an addition to existing structure Up to 100ft in width and any height

lean rigid frame

Lean to Rigid Frame
Frames can be added to existing buildings Up to 100 ft in width Easy to install and creates affordable additional space

For complex projects other frame types or building styles are available,Our dedicated staff of engineers are on stand-by to design your Steel Building. Call us today and we will get started on your project