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The construction industry has witnessed a phenomenal revolution with the introduction of pre engineered steel buildings. There are a plethora of advantages these buildings serve in juxtaposition to other traditional buildings built out of wood, concrete or metal.

Takura Steel houses state-of-art steel buildings to suit all your purposes and needs. The headache of functionality, design, construction and procurement of materials is done away with these pre-engineered buildings. Whether it is for warehouses, retail business setups, processing plants, churches, manufacturing facilities, or aircraft hangars, Takura Steel is the answer for you.

Steel buildings are versatile and hence can be customized in design to suit all your preferences. Additionally, they also do away with the cumbersome construction process as these buildings are ready to erect- considerably reducing the building time and labor involved. One of the major advantages is the resistance of steel to termites and mold. So, now you can bid farewell to the regular pest controls and toxic fumigation. Steel is also a recyclable material making it environmentally friendly. The interior and exterior finishes can be veneered on top of the steel walls to create a wide variety of appearances to suit your taste and preferences. And the list goes on…

It is of common knowledge that Steel is the industry favorite for buildings, owing to its sturdy and durable character in addition to the aforementioned qualities. Our buildings are designed to withstand major seismic conditions including heavy snow and wind. With the blazing summers and chilly and unpredictable winters in Canada, Takura Steel Buildings will make these extreme weather conditions a cakewalk for you.

We can help you determine the best suited building design for you. In case of any doubts, please feel free to get in touch with us on or walk into our office to speak with our specialists. They will acquaint you with our high industry and manufacturing standards, impeccable deliveries and unparalleled customer service. Rest assured, you are in safe hands.

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