Go for Eco Friendly Metal Framed Buildings

Today all of us worry about pollution and try not to harm the environment. As structures, metal buildings score highly in being eco friendly, and they are becoming a lot more popular. Besides that metal framed buildings are known to be sustainable leaving out a very small carbon footprint. With an awareness to save the environment, home design professionals and construction companies along with architects are doing their best to recycle materials instead of filling landfills especially when steel products are 100% recyclable and help in conservation of valuable natural resources like wood.


Great for environmentally conscious

Steel is possibly the highest sustainable construction material. Statistics say that a 10,000 square foot steel frame building can be made with steel from 30 scrapped automobiles whereas a wooden structure of the same size may need 200-250 trees grown on five acres of land. Also after construction, metal buildings are more energy efficient than other kind of buildings thus saving quite a lot of energy.

Sustainability features

Pre-engineered steel frame buildings are meticulously planned, superbly designed, accurately constructed and precisely reassembled – all per exact specifications. So wastage is minimal and they come with sustainability features such as
• Reusability
• Recyclability – no down-cycling
• Adaptability
• Flexibility
• Long lasting
• Efficient and optimal usage of resources
• No harmful chemicals from treatments against termites, bore bugs, mildew, mold and repeated painting releasing contaminants and toxins.

Working with nature

Steel frame buildings are light and with their raised sub-floor system try not to interfere with land’s natural contour as much as possible. Additional features like wind turbines, solar panels can be fitted over steel frame buildings easily to serve as alternate energy sources. To know more about environmentally sustainable metal-frame buildings, contact www.takurasteel.com

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