Mini Self Storage Unit

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Are you running out of storage space or are you shifting locations or have a crowded family? Whatever the case may be, we are here to help you successfully navigate through the entire process. And if you thought that pre-engineered steel buildings were merely buildings, we also help you change perceptions. Takura mini storage building units are constructed using high quality steel, and are a smart real estate investment.

They are an easy choice when people everywhere are looking for a safe place to store all that extra stuff that refuses to fit into their homes. So, with these self storage buildings you can now maximize your space. The mini storage building units are basically window-less and walled with corrugated metal that can be locked.


Here is a low down on these self storage buildings

• Help keep belongings protected from weather, insects, rodents, and other hazards.
• Are very easy to assemble and install
• Are durable and require low-maintenance for decades
• Are available in a number of sizes
• Are flexible and ecologically sound
• Fire-resistant, corrosion-resistant & have water-tight features
• Meet international standards in trends and have competitive rates

Takura aims to become deliver excellent products through timely completion with safe working environment. We also specialize in providing hassle-free, cost-effective and innovative solutions for time, space and distance. Self storage units are extensively used at military bases, university towns, and resorts. From multi-story to portable containers, our design buildings are available in the most efficient mix of storage sizes. They are an economical solution for moving and storing.

Expert consultants and engineers at Takura are tirelessly striving to learn, motivate and train the staff for continuous improvement of quality standards. They make sure the units are safe, strong and manufactured to last a lifetime. What makes our products so appealing is the fact that no matter what group the customer may belong to, the units can be designed to fit your unique lifestyle. In simpler terms, we help you get the right value for your money and save time & energy.

Over the years, with experience and expertise, we’ve mastered the art of engineering smart building products that are designed and customized to meet your needs. No one beats us when it comes to gaining customer satisfaction. So, it’s the right time to contact our mini storage building team now.

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